February 4, 2012

Natalie is 4...that's so magic!

The munchkin turned 4 today and the theme of this year’s party was Abby Cadabby. Abby who? Abby is the fairy on Sesame Street and after Riley and Reagan had fairy parties last year, Nat was keen to have one too, except we zoomed in on one particular fairy. Plus, she’s so pink and purple, Nat’s favourite colours.

It was supposed to have been a small party for her little friends, but once you add their parents, some friends and some family, our humble home was filled.

I bought all her décor and partyware online, Mummy, Lita and Wendy helped to decorate yesterday. Cake was from Aunty Yochana, the same one who did Gigi’s cake last year, my brief was to ensure Abby looked like Abby because I had seen some distorted faces on cake samples online. Food was from Manna Pot, it was okay but their chicken rendang was undercooked, tsk tsk.

Caitlin, Sarah and Rayhan were among the first to arrive and Nat retreated into shy mode once more people arrived. She was practically glued to Nick’s hip the whole time.

Once we had a sizable number of kids, we played one game first. I had hidden small stars all around the house and the person who found the most would win a prize. That person was Gigi, of course Aunty Lita helped her a lot!

After lunch, we played a game of ‘Pass the Parcel’ which Gigi won again! Swear, no kelong! The background music put Caitlin in the mood to dance and she told me that she felt like dancing, hence I decided to play ‘Statue Dance’ next. The kids had fun bopping, they were all in fact quite still when the music stopped so in the end I gave prizes to all.

Next was the cake cutting, all the eager children surrounded the cake and at first go, Nat was beaten to the candle blowing by Rayhan, and we had to relight the candle.

After that it was pretty much free and easy, we blew bubbles outside and all the little girls were screaming their heads off in excitement…luckily no neighbours complained! Some of the cousins stayed on for dinner, we had so much leftover cake and food.

Now that she is 4, I have a few targets for Nat i.e. to sleep diaperless at night, stop drinking from a bottle and feed herself proper. Also to sleep in her own bed, she’s back to sneaking into ours in the middle of the night.

She does feed herself at times, but doesn’t complete a whole meal…loses interest when she’s half full. She’s recently started cleaning her own bum when she poops and doing a good job of it.

She recognises a few more words, ‘up’, ‘moon’, ‘star’, ‘and’, ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘in’ and can sign off on a card with ‘Nat’.

She’s still pretty vain, she doesn’t like to wear certain dresses because there is no pink or purple in them and she hardly ever agrees to wear shorts. It’s either leggings or dresses.

Since she started school, her routine has not been consistent. Sometimes she naps in the afternoons and sometimes she doesn’t. I think it makes her more tired. Haven’t weighed her recently but she should be between 13-14 kg and her height is almost a metre.

She’s still fussy about food, very reluctant to try new things. She loves fish and chips though and ice cream and anything with crunch. She doesn’t like dhal, but Gigi and Sasha do.

She likes to make a face when we ask her to pose for photos, pursing her lips like an old lady, but when she grins, it really brings out her features. Daddy’s going to have a hard time in future!

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