February 10, 2012

Roadhouse chicks

So much for trying to lose weight after CNY, just binged at Roadhouse!

Met Susan, Joanne and Adri for dinner at Dempsey and we took ages deliberating on where to eat before settling on Roadhouse. Just as well, it was somewhere I've been meaning to try.

Took the bus down after walk and got down one stop too early and had to trudge my way up Dempsey Hill. Got there on time and snapped some pics on the swing at the neighbouring Hacienda.

We decided to share a few dishes, all were things I was eyeing i.e. chicken and sweetcorn quesadillas, bolognaise mac and cheese, ribs, crab cake, salted nut tart. Everything was pretty good, the crab cake a little disappointing...it was huge but still a bit fishy. The ribs were good, I would order that again. The nut tart was divine!

It was great catching up but because I had to rush home to the kids as Nick had to entertain, the girls followed me home for part 2. However Nick's dinner ended early and he was home when we got there, so he entertained the ladies while I put Sasha to sleep.

We were saying we'll do this on a regular basis, maybe bimonthly and try new places and cuisines. Can't wait for the next one!

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