February 1, 2012

Sasha at 22 months

My little rascal is just 22 months but behaves much older than she is.

I just received a mailer from Baby Centre that said that at this age, don’t expect them to be able to jump with two feet off the ground yet. Sasha’s been jumping for at least 5 months! She jumps everywhere, on the bed, on the sofa, on the floor, from steps and she’ll just hop, hop, hop like a rabbit!

She's even made up her own songs, using popular tunes. We were all tickled when out of nowhere she started singing ‘Mee tai, mee tai, mee tai mak’to the tune of London Bridge, and then she did it with ‘prata’, ‘noodle soup’ and ‘tom yam soup’.

She tried tom yam soup courtesy of Mummy and even though she acknowledged it was hot, she came back for more. She’s constantly eating! And she feeds herself her fruits sometimes, most of the time aiming correctly into her mouth.

She likes to pretend to be somebody else, channelling Tim from Hi-5 and Sham from Club Magic. She would say, ‘Tim fall down’ when she fell, or ‘Tim is dancing’, when she danced. Sometimes she would wrap a blanket around her head and say, “I’m the mother”, and carry her baby dolls around and pat them.

She’s a regular joker, she knows how to make fun of her sister. Wendy would ask her what the various animal sounds are and she would duly reply ‘meow’, ‘woof’ or snort. But when Wendy asks, “What does Nat-nat say?”, Sasha would pretend to put on a whiny voice and imitate Nat with, “I want Daddy”. And when Wendy asks her what she says all the time, she would cheekily add on “I want puting”.

Speaking of the pacifier, it’s still constantly in her mouth though I have instructed Wendy to start hiding it during the day and only bring it out during sleeping time. When she sleeps, she needs 3 items – her bolster, baby doll and the pacifier.

For all her bravado though, she can be a little wuss when it comes to the Merlion. For some reason she is afraid of it, and will repeat ‘I don’t scared Merlion’, when she actually means she’s scared.

She has a new photo pose, the Bugs Bunny pose where she will poke her teeth out and tilt her head to the side.

Nick is away in Rome this week and Nat has a runny nose again. This is the second cold she’s had this year, but so far no fevers so that’s a relief. Bubba will be 4 on Saturday!

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