February 27, 2012

Single Sunday

Was on leave today as per tradition to watch the Academy Awards ‘live’. Had to go over to Membina early in the morning as there was no telecast on the free-to-air channels, only on Fox Movies.

Bought Swana and I vegetarian bee hoon for breakfast, I didn’t know till recently Swana is BIG on vegetarian bee hoon! When I came home, Raybit was gone…Joanne had collected him while I was napping at Membina.

Yesterday was a fairly stressful day, with both maids off and the boys out working. Well I didn’t feel stressed but must have been because I developed a migraine in the evening! Had left the kids at Membina overnight and went round first thing in the morning, after picking some things at the market.

As soon as I dumped my things, we were out the door again to have breakfast at the Ridout McDonalds. ‘We’ referred to me, Swana, Ma and the 3 little girls. Nat and Gigi bickered over where to sit, Nat refused to eat her hotcakes, Sasha was grabbing food off Ma’s plate etc…aaarghh! They wanted to go to the playground after but we weren’t taking any chances with a HFMD outbreak and distracted them with the turtle pond.

After that we dropped by Swiss Butchery on Tanglin, I needed to get minced beef for bolognaise. The in-laws were coming over for dinner and so on top of minding the girls alone, I had to cook hence everyone came over to my place to help me out. But they weren’t of much help! After I put all 3 girls to nap, Swana went out to run errands while Ma slept too.

While my sauce simmered, I brewed a black chicken soup for Nick to give him strength after a gruelling 3 days at the NATAS fair. Pounded the chicken bones, and added some ginseng, dried longans, wolfberries and red dates into a crockpot...too easy! He appeared on the TV again today, for a few brief seconds during the evening news, asked about his sales at the fair. He’s had his 15 seconds of fame now!

Mummy and Swana left just after I fixed a choke in the guest loo and before my in-laws arrived. It wasn’t pretty, I had to manually remove Gigi’s poop before using my plunger. No wonder I had a migraine!

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