February 17, 2012

Windmills on my mind

The boy was away this whole week covering Mumbai, Bangalore and Manila in 5 days and even though they fed him on the return flight, he was hankering for some noodles. After Sasha slept, we walked to the corner coffeeshop and while he had some kway teow, I browsed through the Trafalgar brochure I had brought along.

Now that he had enough miles for me to redeem flights to Europe, we discussed travel dates and destination so that he can experience his own tours, and I think we have finally nailed it down. Whether there are still seats on the specific tour needs to be checked though, but if everything goes according to plan we should be seeing this in May!

There was a lovely sunset earlier today and I let Nat play with my camera, she took this nice one of Gigi...

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