February 12, 2012

Weekend on the bay

Ended up going to the Marina Bay area twice this weekend, one of the nice things about living near the city is the proximity to places like this so even without the car, travel time is short.

Our original intention yesterday morning was to go Underwater World but Nick was starting to cough and he had a trip tonight so I decided I would bring Nat somewhere on my own. We thought of going to Orchard but ma called and since Gigi was bored while her parents gymmed, we decided to take the elder girls to MBS instead.

Nat and Gigi were thrilled to take the bus and insisted on sitting on the top deck. We took 196 to Lau Pa Sat before changing to 97. At MBS, we walked along the promenade and admired the water lilies below the Art & Science Museum before stopping for lunch at the expensive food court.

The girls shared a chicken rice, Gigi was motivated to feed herself with the promise of prata but unfortunately, the prata man was MIA so I rewarded her with cheng tng instead!

Swana came to pick us up but towards the end Nat was getting emo and refusing to walk. Mummy carried her and as usual dawdled along, making us late to meet Swana.

Attended sunset mass at St Joseph's before a harried meal at the Bugis Junction food court. Sasha was sleepy and restless, she hardly ate and almost fell asleep in the cab.

This morning I went to the market like a real housewife, even buying a black chicken for Mummy to make soup for Nick. He had to work all day at a travel fair plus a red-eye flight tonight so I think the black chicken soup will do him some good. Will start making it once a month.

I had time on my hands and made a green bean soup, and for dinner we ate the yong tau fu I bought from the market. Can you imagine how much the food court stalls are profiting? For $5.4o, I fed 3 people vs the minimum $4.20 for a bowl these days.

After dinner, the dopes came to pick us up for a walkabout at the Esplanade. While they ate at Thai Express, Nick, Nat, Sasha and I enjoyed a free outdoor concert by Indonesian band 29:11. They sang jazzy Indonesian love songs and the girls bopped along despite not understanding the language.

It was a really pleasant evening topped off with some mango sticky rice, I'm kind of enjoying not having the car!

Oh, and today the world found out Whitney Houston had passed away, cause of death not known yet but it might be drug-related or accidental drowning. The Grammys are just tomorrow so the music world is in shock. I was shocked myself when I found out the news after my afternoon nap. I was such a fan in primary school, had memorised 'Saving all my love' and used to listen to it over and over again along with her other songs. RIP Whitney.

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