March 1, 2012

Almost 2

Another month till Sasha is 2 and she continues to amaze me with her comprehension of our language and the fact that she knows how to complain already! She’s always snitches when bullied and one can have short conversations with her.

Recently Nat hit her leg and started crying. Sasha asked why Nat was crying and I said she was careless, then she asked me, “Why Nat-Nat so careless?” She’s starting to listen and converse on the phone too.

She went through a spell of night-wakings just after Nat’s birthday, crying her head off extremely loudly in the middle of the night and no amount of cajoling, distraction etc could pacify her.

That was a period where she felt particularly close to Wendy and she would only stop crying once Wendy carried her or fed her. I soon fixed that by ensuring she slept with me for 2 weeks continuously and things are back to normal now.

I’ve stopped her from using the pacifier during the day, only when she naps or sleeps. We have to hide it constantly but she’s stopped looking for it when she’s awake. So next will be to get her off it during her naps.

She still has no spatial awareness or sense of danger so she still hits her head or falls every now and then, or runs the door over her toes. She loves to twirl and dance, her moves remind me of the Visa ad campaign where the man dances in difference countries, she likes to lift her elbows and tilt her head.

She eats whatever Nat and Gigi eat, she’s adventurous in trying new foods and seems to be able to handle spice. She’s outgrown all the 18-24mths clothes and weighs about 12kg. Sometimes she insists on feeding herself and she much prefers noodles over rice.

Despite being the younger bub, she has a maternal streak, always lining up her dolls, wrapping them in blankets and feeding them ‘medicine’. She will rock her ‘babies’ to sleep and her favourite doll has been named Molly and every night she will ask for Molly before she sleeps. Looks like Molly is coming to Koh Samui!

Because Nat and Gigi sing Chinese songs at home, Sasha is also picking up some of the language from them. She can sing Happy Birthday and half of Little Star in Mandarin. I think she’s going to be more proficient than them!

When we bunnysat Raybit for a week, she was quite excited to play with him from a distance. As long as he was confined to his cage, she would talk to him and ask him questions or tell him about what she was going to do that day but the moment he’s out, she’ll turn into a little chicken and cling close to me or not come down from the sofa.

Nat went through a clingy phase after her birthday but things are back to normal now too. She’s quite the obedient girl, but has a rebellious streak. I think she doesn’t like the idea of growing up, refusing to do certain things that would teach her to be more independent but we’ll take it slow.

She and Gigi love their new bus driver, Uncle Malik…they are always in such a good mood when they alight from the bus. I don’t know what they get up to in school but Nat seems to be the more academic one while Gigi has a very short attention span. I suspect it’s because of all the TV-watching and computer games she does, but am sure Swana will dispute that!

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