March 26, 2012

Coffee shop French fare

Had to run an errand in Middle Road and met Joanne for lunch at Queen Street.

I had been meaning to try Le Cuisson, a French food stall in a coffee shop which I knew was in the area and I found it eventually. They had been featured in the papers some months ago and the owners are ex-chefs from DB Bistro at MBS.

Prices were a bit higher than I expected, Joanne had a steak for $18 and I had a tomato soup for $5 and a mushroom pasta for $8. The steak was a big portion and the sauce and pomme puree was delicious. Best pureed potatoes I've had in recent times and would go back just for it!

The pasta was a little bland, there was a poached egg served on top but a little undercooked for my liking. The soup was nice and creamy, and had some texture to it because of parmesan bits and tomato seeds. I would go back to try the other dishes, the menu changes often enough. But the coffeeshop was really warm with poor ventilation so note to self, wear sleeveless next time!

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