March 11, 2012

E is for...

...Electropop at the Esplanade.

OMD or Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark were in town for the Mosaic Music Festival and a bunch of us attended the concert last night. One of the pioneers of electropop music with a heavy emphasis on the synthesizers, I decided to treat the boy since he loves his retro music.

We had cheap seats in the Circle 2 section but after a couple of songs, we moved a few rows down to some empty seats. It was quite high energy from start to finish, the sound system was impeccable and at first I was wondering how they were going to pull off a pop concert in the formal confines of the Esplanade Theatre but lead singer Andy McKluskey managed it somehow!

He was a good showman, doing his 80s moves and successfully getting the crowd on their feet that by the end of the concert, we were left wanting more.

My boy could sing along to some of their more obscure songs, I recognised about 8 or 9 myself including Secret, Walking on the Milky Way, Enola Gay, Locomotion, If You Leave and Sailing on the Seven Seas and we danced along and clapped our hands.

It was good fun and after that we had our complimentary champagne.

From Esplanade we made our way down to Mohamed Sultan to meet up with Vinoth, Mac, Kenny and Flea at La Barra di Vino, one of their mutual friends’ cousin is involved in it. Nick and Kaelash had some burgers at The Foundry beforehand, I stole some!

We were the only ones there and could request anything from the DJ…me and Nick didn’t stay long, leaving at 1am because we had to wake up for mass and the kids but I hear the rest only called it a night at 4.30am!

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