March 10, 2012

East Coast morning

Nick dragged us all to the beach this morning since he had a game on. Noticed the lovely sky on our way there…

Wendy and Nat played in the sand while Sasha and I stayed in the shade, the small one was afraid of walking on the sand!

I did carry her along the shore and found her a nice seashell, which she promptly stuck over her nose and said she was Pinocchio!

We cooled off at Burger King and I had a late breakfast, I think their breakfast platter has improved. When the boy was done, we stopped by Tiong Bahru for a bout of speed marketing, I picked up veggies, pork, newspapers and chicken rice in the space of 10 mins!

Nat napped for a while before Swana picked us up for Chinese class and while the girls were engaged with their lao shis, we sneaked off to SocialHaus to have a drink. When we were done, the kids were outside class having fun with giant calligraphy sponges…so cool!

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