March 25, 2012

Happy birthday Sarah!

Sarah turned 5 on the 21st but the Danams held the party at home today, with chicken rice delivered from Loy Kee.

There was a princess theme going on, and pink and black colour scheme and Flea made collages of Sarah to adorn the walls.

Nat and Sasha had the beginnings of a cold so we tried to separate them from the rest where possible…they were being shy and antisocial anyway so it wasn’t actually very hard. Sasha especially is very independent and doesn’t play with the rest.

There was a magician in the form of Mr Rabbit, along with a balloon artist so the kids were entertained and had all sorts of requests for their balloon sculptures.

Cake was a pink princess confection in the number 5. The Spicy Girls were out in force to pose with the birthday girl. Gosh, I can’t imagine how havoc they will all be when they hit 18!

We dropped Kevin and Gigi off at Membina and spent the afternoon there. Caught bits of the F1 race at Sepang, it was a washout.

When we left, we forgot Sasha's pacifier and when me and her tried to get into the lift to retrieve it, the doors suddenly closed on us and hit Sasha in the process. Got shouted at by the hubby for not being more careful, but in my defence, the doors had just opened hence I didn't expect them to close so soon. Sasha wailed of course which didn't help diffuse her daddy's anger.

Poor bub hit her head again at AMK when she leaned back on the sofa's wooden armrest...I've lost count of how many time's she's hit her poor pumpkin!

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