March 3, 2012

Introducing Paris Peugeot-Lim…

Here it is, our newest baby! We went to collect the new car today, so exciting! So black and shiny and new! Why the name Paris? Well I wanted something French-inspired plus had to start with P, and Paris is also quite unisex.

I was expecting to collect the car in the carpark which would have been quite anti-climatic, but they had a separate area for collection, not quite a showroom but just a white space next to the ramp with lots of soft lighting.

Swana was with us and Vinoth was working today so he popped in too. There was a bouquet of flowers and some wine in the car, courtesy of the sales guy, Nathan…that was kind of him.

I’m quite happy that the license number has my year in it, plus 43 is Pops’ year and can also be found in Sasha’s BC, my IC, Swana’s IC and mummy’s HP number so it works for me!

Love the moonroof and the interior is quite plush too. We got home just in time to send Gigi and Nat to Chinese in Swana’s car, and they managed to get a look before leaving and were quite excited.

Chinese class was fine, Nat wanted me to stay with her in class but 10 mins in, I sneaked out when they had a toilet break and she didn’t look for me after. The Forty Hands next door was too crowded so Swana took away a latte and I bought ice cream from an ice-cream van. Old-fashioned ice-cream has not been spared from inflation…a large cup was $4!

Went over the Membina after that and the Jays appeared soon after. Reagan had her first haircut at Tiong Bahru, such a pie…she likes me, doesn’t cry when I carry her.

Dinner was tapaued from Tiong Bahru Market, Kavi and Ananya also came over and the kids had their usual blast running around and playing and just being little girls. Kavi conducted some games with them, Swana put on some 80s music and they were dancing to OMD!

We also sat them down and asked them what they would like to bring to Koh Samui and they rattled off toys, books, ball, drawing block, sandcastle sets etc. So cute lah!

Only 10 days to the holiday, woo hoo!

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