March 13, 2012

Koh Samui Day 1 (13 Mar)

We made it to Koh Samui in one piece and Sasha survived her first ever flight!

Got up bright and early this morning for our 8.10am flight on SilkAir, the kids were dressed in their going out clothes the night before so we could just grab them from bed and hop into a cab, and as expected they woke up en route to the airport.

Had a little bit of delay checking in because I did not bring the credit card I used for the booking so there was some form to fill out to authorize another credit card as a guarantee. Eventually it was sorted out and we met up with the others in the departure lounge.

All the kids were awake except for Riley, she amazingly slept through all the noise and movement and only woke up on the plane. Nat was calm on the flight, despite her apprehension after puking on the Perth return trip and I think she should be ok moving forward.

Sasha thankfully sat still for most of the flight on my lap, she was restless here and there but we managed to keep her distracted. It was only towards the landing that she fussed a little, squirming and saying she wanted to get out of the aeroplane…I think she must have been feeling the pressure in her ears then.

The Samui airport was very tropical, lots of hut structures and open air, so I pity travellers there when it rains. We were blessed with sunny weather and immigration was quick as they had a priority queue for families.

The kids loved the loos in the arrival hall, there was a fish tank in it. We met our transfer and it was a short 20min ride to our resort, The Sea Samui.

It’s a very small property, only 1 of the 2 villas we had booked was ready so everyone dumped their bags in ours. There were 3 different room types, a king room and twin room on level 1, and another king room on level 2 that had its own sitting area and kitchenette. We drew lots with our fellow ‘Anal Banal’ villa-mates, the Amarendrans and Jays and got the level 1 king room.

Lunch was at the hotel café, our group alone occupied the whole restaurant. Service was a bit slow, the staff are multi-taskers between the front desk and restaurant! Nick had a been phanang curry and I had phad thai.

After lunch, we made sure our girls napped, while some of the others started swimming. I was woken up by 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed and then took Nat and Sasha swimming in our private pool.

Jeanette and I made pasta for the kids’ dinner and then I nipped out to catch the sunset. Lovely colours. Discovered a restaurant right next to our hotel which will need to be checked out, in the meantime we had room service for dinner.

Now I am off to the ‘Chill Pill’ villa for some adult conversation!

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