March 14, 2012

Koh Samui Day 2 (14 Mar)

After breakfast today, we went to explore Chaweng, the main town and beach. We all squeezed into 1 van and the cost was 800baht per way. When the driver dropped us off at a McDonald’s we thought we were in the wrong place because we didn’t see any beach. Turns out the beach was on the other side parallel to us.

The weather was just too hot to walk around. We walked a little bit to check out the beach but we had no plans to swim, so after taking in the view, we walked back to the shops and sought respite from the heat at McDonalds and planned what to do next.

The kids had ice cream and then we split up to explore in our individual families with a 2 hr time limit with plans to meet for lunch. The heat was making Nick cranky, coupled with the fact that the pavements were uneven for pushing our stroller around and there was dust and noise from nearby roadworks.

After going into a couple of shops, it was evident I wouldn’t be able to shop properly because of the struggle with the stroller, steps and grouchy husband! So when I found a supermarket, I picked up some groceries including some chicken breasts for the kids’ dinner and lots of pastes to bring home and that was the extent of my shopping in Samui!

I managed to stock up on my flu tablets Tiffy from the Boots pharmacy and bought some extra repellent. Then we tapaued lunch from McDonalds and headed back to the hotel first via cab since I had to chill my meat, the cost was 350baht.

The others all landed up at a massage parlour and the kids got manicures and braids, while the adults relaxed with foot massages. They returned to the hotel just as we got up from our naps and while I was preparing dinner in the kitchen, disaster struck!

Gigi accidentally closed the sliding door on Nat’s finger when Kaelash had his back turned for a second, and my daughter wailed like there was no tomorrow and of course her over-protective father jumped. Her finger was pinched and skin was dangling but it wasn’t a deep cut. Nonetheless Nick got all ogre-ish and skulked around as he tried to pacify Nat.

We decided to leave them alone and headed to the main pool. I took Sasha with me and she loved the water. She was so reluctant every time we had to abandon the pool. When we finished, Nat was playing with her daddy in the pool and they had both calmed down.

Everyone then showered and changed and went over to the restaurant next door for dinner after the kids had been fed. Thanks to tablets PCs and smartphones, the children were sufficiently distracted and made friends with some Scandinavian kids from another table, while the adults indulged in some seafood. Our table had some calamari, steamed fish, tom yam soup, prawn cakes and a pork red curry.

Tonight’s adult gathering was at our villa. Kevin made some Malibu/Bacardi jello and I made a drink out of pineapple juice, Malibu, vodka and Sprite…yums!

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