March 16, 2012

Koh Samui Day 3 & 4 (15 & 16 Mar)

Home sweet home! The holiday is over!

Yesterday was a chilled day. Sasha pretended to talk on the phone with the room key, I think she was calling her dolls to check on them!

After breakfast, us Lims went to explore the beach.

The kids then swam for a bit and we had bubble time in the pool. Lunch for the kids was room service and then we had a bit of a dance-off with me and Kavi leading the way.

Snoozed in the afternoon while some of the others went to the hotel spa. In the evening, the kids played in the sand and as I walked along the beach, I found the remnants of a wedding, how nice.

Then we swam again and Sasha insisted on jumping into the pool with us catching her, but on her 3rd jump she slipped through my hands and dunked herself in the pool. I scooped her up immediately and luckily she was nonchalant about it, otherwise I would have gotten a earful from Nick!

The kids had another home cooked dinner courtesy of me. Kavi narrated the 3 Little Pigs and got the kids to act it out, it was quite funny. Riley was the various houses, while Gigi, Nat and Ananya were pigs with Sarah as the wolf!

While the rest went to the next door restaurant to eat dinner, Nick and I had takeaway as it was late and nearing the kids bedtime. We had tom yam, green curry and prawn cakes but I suddenly have a wisdom toothache that started yesterday and was unable to move my jaw much.

This morning we finally took a group picture before we departed for the airport. The airport was really very resort-like, the duty free shops are all outdoors in individual huts and the walk from the check-in counter to the departure lounge and immigration was not sheltered at all. I guess maybe they have shuttles when it rains.

I managed to pick up some Thai tidbits and pastes at the airport and bought monkey and elephant keychains for all the kids as a souvenir.

The flight was mainly uneventful, Nat had to poop at one point and as soon we got in the loo, turbulence hit! It was pretty bouncy but she didn’t get scared and carried on with her business. However we were not allowed to walk back to our seats after that, and sat at the back with the stewardesses for a few minutes till the turbulence stopped.

We survived a holiday with the kids, sans helper but unfortunately didn’t get to the see anything of the island! I don’t know if we will ever go back, lots of other places to explore and I don’t think we missed that much.

Now I need to count the days till 11 May!

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