March 21, 2012

Restaurant Week: Alkaff Mansion

It’s Restaurant Week and after being abandoned for many years, the Alkaff Mansion recently reopened as an Italian restaurant and I managed to make a booking for lunch with some colleagues.

The place is lovely, great for special occasions and the service was friendly from the waiters, to the chef to the kitchen staff.

I had me the free range chicken cream soup served with black truffle and ricotta “gnocchi” to start and it was yums. Not a thick creamy soup but very light so you don’t feel guilty, it was nicely done and the truffle oil added an oomph. They were generous with their bread basket too, there was an interesting chocolatey one.

For my main, I had the roasted cod fish in sesame crust served with prosecco and lemon foam. The fish portion was ok and cooked alright, the sesame was not as crunchy as expected and the sides were quite meagre but I was surprising full after eating it.

For dessert, I opted for the blueberry cheese cake with fresh kiwi sauce…nothing out of this world but a nice ending to the meal.

They gifted us with a small bag of cookies when we left, nice touch. Walked around a bit, they had these giant wrought iron rocking chairs, very cool. I think I will be back!

There was a lovely sunset today, wish I had been on a hill somewhere!

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