March 23, 2012

Restaurant Week: The Moluccas Room

Met JGR for lunch to celebrate Rena’s birthday in advance and we agreed to check out The Moluccas Room at MBS during Restaurant Week since we wouldn’t need to travel too far from work.

The reviews on Hungry Go Where were positive but I should have checked the Dining City reviews when Restaurant Week started because they were not good and we had a less than ideal dining experience.

Rachel had forewarned the portions were small after dining there last night and we were prepared to add on some ala carte dishes to the set menu.

It started off promisingly enough, between us we tried both the chicken satay and bergedel with truffle for our appetizers. The 2 sticks of satay came simply plated on a leaf with no accompanying sauces, but they were tasty enough and slightly bigger than your regular satay. The bergedel was a pleasant surprise, could detect the truffle taste in the croquette and it came with some simple greens and gulai tasting sauce.

However, things started going downhill after this. 3 of us ordered the steak, one medium-well for Rena, one medium-rare for Germaine and one well-done for me. 2 of the steaks were served first and the waitress told us it was the medium-well and the well-done one. When we asked which was which, she wasn't sure and had to go check but upon cutting, they both appeared to be medium-well but I decided to just accept mine instead of insisting on a well-done one.

When the third steak came, they told us it was medium-well but Germaine who was waiting for her main had ordered medium-rare. They took it back and a while later, came a well-done one! She insisted on having her medium-rare steak and the manager/waiter didn't look too happy but eventually the correct one was served. 3rd time's a charm!

The steaks themselves were actually okay, quite a thick cut but it could have done with an additional side instead of just some strings of beans and what appeared to be the same gulai sauce as the bergedel.

Speaking of sauce, we added a citrus coconut chicken curry from the ala carte menu but it too tasted very similar to the gravies of the steak and the bergedel and the portion was undeserving of the $27 price tag...I could have bought 3 whole chickens with that, instead of the sausage-sized chicken roll we received.

Later on, a staff member came over to apologize for the mix-up for the steaks and offered to waive the cost of 1 set. Fair enough and it was appreciated on our part. We waited a while for dessert and when none was forthcoming, we had to remind the waitress to serve it.

There was a choice of mango or soursop sorbet or vanilla ice cream. Nothing to rave about, a very tiny scoop, about half the size of a regular ice cream scoop accompanied by a small gula melaka macaroon.

Overall, I think the restaurant has quite a way to go in terms of service standards, it was mostly indifferent and you don't get any sense of warmth..their staff could do with more training. The portions don't justify the prices, based on the ala carte dishes we tried...not likely to visit anytime soon!

Rena and I were coincidentally wearing blue and white, so matching!

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