March 31, 2012

Sasha’s Berry Special 2nd Birthday

The pumpkin is officially 2 tomorrow and to usher it in, we held a small party at home today with a Strawberry Shortcake (SS) theme. Decided to keep things small with mainly the cousin gang and a few good friends but still the house felt crowded with all the little kids.

I made this invite and Ma, Lita and Wendy helped to decorate the house, mummy even bought SS files to paste on the walls.

Cake was from Prima, I went with a vanilla sponge and added the fresh strawberry filling. We’ve been wanting to cater from Sakunthala’s for a while now and since the majority of guests were ‘mama’, it was the perfect time to do so. For the kids, we prepared hot dogs, vegetarian pasta and fish fingers with fries.

In honour of the theme, I attempted to make a strawberry tart to add to dessert and it turned out pretty but I’m not sure about the taste though! I was told it was nice but I think I need to make it again so I can judge for myself. I used fresh vanilla beans for the pastry cream and made the crust from scratch, recipe to follow.

Call me a slack parent but this time round, I didn’t really plan any games, counting on the kids to entertain themselves. Blame it on birthday fatigue after Nat’s birthday! I only prepared some colouring sheets for a contest and bought some tattoos and sparklers and that was about it!

Got Rena and Adrian to judge and Sarah and Nat were the shortlisted winners. I had Strawberry Shortcake compact mirrors as a prize but it caused some whining among the little girlies who didn’t get one!

I got to meet Khayshaa again, she’s grown and she looks so much like her big brother. She’s so light and was drooling all over!

The birthday girl herself was a little overwhelmed when it came to the cake-cutting, she was most shy! But she managed to blow out her own candles, she’s been practicing!

Next up, Nick’s birthday!


JOANNA said...

hi, i found your blog while searching for jincakes review, just want to ask which flavour taste better from jincakes? i wanted to order my cake from her but i do not know which flavour to choose. :D

hotpinkchick said...

Hi Joanna,

I've only tried the chocolate and the lemon pound so far, both were nice but I think the chocolate is better. The last time I ordered I had positive reviews from my guests who said it was just nice, moist and not too sweet. Hope this helps!