March 7, 2012

So long, Phyllis!

My lunch kaki at work, Phyllis has decided to leave for greener pastures and we’ve been trying to go for as many lunches as possible. Today we went to Tanjong Pagar to pick up our alterations and her replacement Rene tagged along.

Ate at the hawker centre, had to have the Katong (Peter) Char Kway Teow again, but this time round I opted for the Penang version which is white. Not too bad but I think the traditional char kway teow is still better. We pigged out by sharing char tow kway and vegetarian bee hoon as well...I won’t get to order multiple dishes anymore once she goes!

A few of us took her out to a farewell dinner this evening, we went to Rakuichi at Dempsey. Shared some sashimi, bento and yakitori sets, along with wagyu steak, can’t beat the Japanese for food presentation I think. The steak and grilled stuff was yummy, I kept eating despite being full, hate to see food go to waste!

Earlier in the week, a colleague brought back some snacks from Manila and I was hooked! They are caramel bars from a shop called Max’s Corner Bakery, must get the boy to look out for them when he’s next in the city!

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