April 24, 2012

Ahoy Timbre!

It’s been ages since we went to Timbre and I popped in for a bit this evening to pass an angpow for Jayna to Jalen. He’s going to Sydney to celebrate Jayna’s 2nd birthday so Timbre was the venue of choice to meet up with the rest of the gang who have been craving their pizzas.

I went late though, after the bubs slept and met Kaelash at Tiong Bahru MRT, he was attending his Masters course at the PSB Academy.

The band performing was Goodfellas, they did some good covers. I wore my Lune DVF dress, only the second time ever wearing it and had to suck in my stomach the whole day, in addition to wearing a double layer of Spanx!

It was nice to be out, too short though, was there for less than 2 hrs. I miss the live music, maybe will drag the boy there for the T date.

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