April 7, 2012

Camie is One!

Adri's daughter Camellia turned 1 today and we were invited to her birthday party. Susan and Joanne couldn't make it so us Lims didn't know anyone at the party aside from Adri!

It was supposed to have been outdoors by the pool at her parents' condo with a bouncy castle and all but Mother Nature didn't cooperate and chose to rain down heavily just when we were reaching. Huddled under our umbrellas, we found Adri's brother and hubby moving the catered food up to her parents' house and so we made our way up. Poor wet bouncy castle!

We had only brought Sasha, Nat wanted to hang out at Membina with Gigi after Chinese class. I think it's only the first or second time we've gone out with Sasha alone which reminds me we need to do it more regularly so she gets our undivided attention.

We hung out in Adri's old room, that had been converted to a playroom. Sasha was initially shy and clingy but warmed up in no time, attacking the massive amount of toys!

There was a slight emergency with the cake when Ben went to collect it, apparently the bakery didn't make their order. Adri was quite upset but kept her cool. She had ordered a No.1 cake but they claimed they didn't have the order, even though Ben produced a receipt.

They had to make do with another cake, but I can just imagine how Adri would have felt Camie's first birthday ruined somewhat...first with the washed out bouncy castle, then the missing cake. But she didn't let it affect her and carried on with the party. In any case Camie is still young and wouldn't have known any better and I'm sure she had fun at her party!

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