April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

Today was Easter and we were really late for mass! Had to stand at the back of St Josephs...

Lunch was a family affair with the Gomezs at Melting Pot Cafe, Holiday Inn. The spread was decent and there was no crowd...lovely. Unfortunately couldn't whack the buffet as much as I would have liked because Sasha had ants in her pants and was being difficult to feed.

It was quite worth it with a HSBC promo for 1-for-1, so for 10 adults, the bill was only 200+. There was even an egg-painting corner where Nat and Gigi attempted to decorate some eggs and rabbit balloons were given out the kids, along with chocolate-coated marshmallows and candy.

In the evening we headed to AMK where Mildred had bought an advance birthday cake for Nick. And of course the girls couldn't wait to blow the candles!

Ooh, by the way, the boy appeared in today's Sunday Times in the Foodie Confidential column, not that he's much of a foodie if you ask me! I don't quite trust his tastebuds...years of chili have killed them!

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