April 29, 2012

Flea fly foe fum

I had a second run at the Spottiswoode Flea Market today and this time round it was held between Blocks 103 and 104.

I sold some items prior to the start of the event – Kaelash bought a bunch of kids clothes and some items for Jeanette when they were over yesterday, and Aunty Zaiton came early this morning to grab 3 Gucci items that Swana was selling.

I made an e-flyer for the event and posted that on FB and during the sale itself, I uploaded pictures of some of the bags on sale and there was some interest from friends. In fact, Rena’s friend Flora even came down on the spur of the moment to buy a Gucci bag I was selling after she saw it online.

The sales from acquaintances was better than the walk-in traffic, hardly saw any local neighbours, 90% of those browsing were Pinoys living around the area or renting flats. Anyway, at least I cleared some space at home, but not much.

Earned about $600, but you know I spent a lot more buying those items. Nothing like an event like this to remind me about my excessiveness.

We spent most of the day in yesterday, Kavi and Ananya, Kaelash and co came over in the evening, Kavi is so good at entertaining the kids!

On Friday I met Hong Wei and Desmond for lunch at Vivo, ended up at Shin Kushiya. Had never been there before and ordered a yakitori-type set…I like grilled food! We had drinks at Pacific Coffee Company after that before Hong Wei dropped me back at the office. Need to organise a meet-up with the SingTel folks soon!


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