April 10, 2012

G is for...

...Golden Peony and Gap.

Today was the boy's 38th birthday and since he prefers Asian over Western food, I decided to take him out for lunch at Golden Peony at Conrad. In the end, he paid the bill though, haha.

We ordered a few dim sum dishes, the har kow was nice, so was the Teochew vegetarian dumplings. The century egg porridge was watery and didn't have any pork in it or come with any crispy you tiao.

They had a few dishes that they charged by the piece, I tried the chicken and eggplant wrapped in filo pastry and a scallop and prawn stuffed beancurd...both were nice but I think there is better dim sum elsewhere.

After lunch, I made him buy jeans at Gap using the voucher I gave him on our anniversary. Then we walked around Marina Square where he was looking for a navy jacket but nothing in his size.

Bought cake from Great World, forgetting that I had asked Swana to get cake too, so we had two for dinner, though we cut the one I bought. His mom came over and we tapau-ed fried rice and hor fun. Very simple celebration...

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