April 6, 2012

Good Friday

Today was Good Friday and we had a quiet day in. Nick went for mass on his own and while the kids napped in the afternoon, we got quite a lot of household chores done. Wendy left on Tuesday night for a month's home leave after we renewed her contract. We were supposed to get a new helper but it fell through (long story!) and in the end we came to an agreement with Wendy to stay on.

Anyway, the month ahead is going to be a challenge because we'll have to fend for ourselves. No uninterrupted sleep for a month! I am using my childcare leave to take 3 mornings a week off work, the other 2 days WFH in the mornings till Wendy returns.

But the good thing is that at least I get to spend more time with the girls, preparing their meals and being really hands on. I like the fact that I get to see Nat up her schoolbus and I think the girls enjoy having their mother around more. At least I hope so!

We've had some nice sunsets of late, I love our view!

A bunch of us headed to Kaelash's house in the evening, quite impromptuly. The kids had a blast re-enacting the 3 Little Pigs again and the adults managed to get some chit-chat in. Love long weekends!

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