April 14, 2012

My friends Germaine, Joanne, Rena and Jane ‘invited’ themselves over yesterday evening, it was quite an impromptu thing after the suggestion was made a few days earlier.

I think we should do it more often, especially when it’s a Friday night and you’re stuck with kids but craving for some adult company! The next best thing is to let all the kids play together in someone’s house, while the adults catch up over a quick meal!

I collected a ‘cover charge’ to take care of the food costs, we shared 3 pizzas from Parco Caffe and Nick bought chicken wings from Everton. Also picked up some baguettes to go with Ma’s chicken curry, and I made a strawberry tart for dessert.

Jane brought Ethan only, Rena brought both her bubs, Jo had Ray so for once my girls including Gigi were outnumbered by the boys!

The kids played individually and quietly at first but towards the end of the evening, they were playing London Bridge and Simon Says together, as well as making funny faces. Meanwhile, the adults tried to plan a trip to Hong Kong in August.

Nat wanted to stay over at Membina and followed Swana home, while Sasha didn’t sleep till everyone left which was close to midnight. She actually only slept at 12.30am!

We spent most of today at Membina, Sham and her mum came over and while Nat and Gigi attended Chinese class, Swana, Sham and I checked out Drips Café nearby. Cool joint, decent mocha and some very nice tarts on display. It was surprisingly crowded too.

The Jays popped by in the evening and the kiddos had fun together. The kids slept relatively early and we decided to leave them at Membina and see if we could catch a movie but there were very few seats left for Battleship so Nick watched footie instead.

In the end, Gigi woke up crying at 10plus and wouldn’t stop for a good 20 mins refusing milk or to be carried. We ended up going for a car ride and she was quiet the moment Nick picked her up…think she misses her daddy in Korea.

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