April 22, 2012

Nautical lunch

Nick received a TCC discount card for his birthday month, I bet he didn’t even remember he was a member and doesn’t know where his membership card is but heck all that, we made sure we used up the 50% discount by taking the bubs for lunch at the Keppel Marina outlet after mass today.

Got a nice table by the window but the restaurant layout is quite cramped. Sasha refused to sit in the high chair, which went to Nat instead. Good thing they had a kids menu, Nat had the fish and chips, and Sasha the ham and cheese quesadilla.

Nat enjoyed her fish and chips, it was a good white fish, crisp on the outside and flaky white flesh on the inside and the portion was generous. Sasha fed herself standing near the window and I gobbled down my corn and crab soup followed by seafood aglio olio whilst feeding Nat.

I rushed through my meal so that I could watch over Sasha, as Nick couldn’t eat in peace while keeping an eye on her. After 9 years of marriage, I’m only just realising he cannot multi-task i.e. feed himself and her at the same time.

He doesn’t like to rush through his meals, must sit down and enjoy properly, never mind that his dish will get cold. He needs to realise that’s not always possible when eating out with kids, especially ours who are not trained to sit and eat quietly.

Anyway, we made it to dessert in one piece and shared 2 slices of cake. Then we took a short walk around Keppel Island to show the kids the boats. Sasha and Nat have come up with new poses!

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