April 1, 2012

Sasha is 2!

Sasha is 2 today, although she behaves 6 months older than she really is. She talks in full sentences though she has trouble differentiating between ‘you’ and ‘me’ and when to use them but she knows when to use ‘my’! Her sentences are 8-10 words long.

She’s really a tomboy and fearless. The latest thing she does for fun is to throw all my pillows into her playpen and then jump in, sometimes swinging in even though there may be a gap of about a foot between the playpen and the bed. Still no sense of danger this one!

She’s been teething of late, drooling so much that she has to change her t-shirts often, because she refuses to wear a bib when biting on a rubber toothbrush. The terrible two tantrums are starting, she can cry over nothing or when she doesn’t get her way or when someone takes a toy away from her. And she is LOUD!

She picks up songs very fast. Now she can sing the whole of Twinkle Twinkle in Mandarin and sing-a-long to new songs after hearing them 2-3 times. She brushes her own teeth but eats the toothpaste. She’s so cheeky, deliberately changing the words of songs to push my buttons. For example, I would sing:

“Mummy loves you so, so much,
Yes she does, yes she does
Mummy loves you so, so much
Please hug Mummy!”

But Sasha will sing the song, and change it to ‘Please hug Daddy’ at the end on purpose!

She loves to eat corn and French beans, most crunchy vegetables in fact. Hardly ever says no to food, though the other day, Ma tried to feed her some hard-boiled egg yolk and she spat it out…just like Nick, he only eats the whites!

When she wakes in the mornings, Wendy will get her to transfer pek kuehs or gingko nuts from one bowl to another using a spoon…practice her psycho-motor skills. And she is good at it, doesn’t spill anything.

She’s a carefree dancer, she and Nat love watching a Hindi music video called Senorita from a movie called Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and the two of them will dance away. Nat will imitate the flamenco moves and hand movements, and carry her skirt like the actresses.

This morning she opened all the presents she received yesterday and we went out for mass at St Joseph, followed by lunch at the Noodle Place in Centrepoint.

Held a celebratory dinner at Parco Caffe with immediate family, cake was from Flor Patisserie again. Next year will do a bigger party for her…

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