April 23, 2012

Sasha's first salon visit

I cut and highlighted my hair after work today and the kids came over to the salon to get their hair trimmed as well. They saw me with all the foil on my hair when they first entered the shop and I teased them I was an alien.

It was Sasha’s first professional haircut, I’ve only DIYed her fringe twice. She was very reluctant to sit down, and had to be distracted by my phone and some sweets. It probably took all of 3 mins to even out her length and trim her fringe…she has such thin hair.

After her was Gigi, who was very well-behaved. She neatened up her locks and cut some bangs. Then Nat wanted in on the action so we tidied up her fringe. Meanwhile, I was getting my head washed at the sink and they were all curious as to what Mummy was doing.

Gigi saw the dye being washed from my head and later proclaimed she wanted to colour her hair too. When I asked if she wanted to colour it blue like Katy Perry, she nodded! The whole time when we were leaving, she kept insisting, ‘I want to colour my hair’!

The kids are staying at Membina this week so we went back there after the haircut to put them to sleep. They stayed there last night too and when we got home, I got into a cleaning frenzy by mopping the floor, doing a load of laundry, handwashing Nick’s smelly soccer gear that he had left overnight and trying to clean the built-up grease from the toaster oven to not much luck.

Today I bought baking soda and attacked the toaster tray again and the result is amazing. It’s shiny and silver again, baking soda rocks!

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