May 11, 2012

9 hours to go!

Woo hoo, trying not to get excited for tonight's trip to's finally here! Was half afraid with the kids taking turns to be sick, Nick would change his mind about going but they are on the road to recovery and we can focus on packing, running errands and just generally preparing for departure.

I did most of my packing on Wednesday night and did the online check-ins yesterday, hopefully the seat in between me and Nick stays empty. He has aisle and I have window!

For once I am trying to bring less clothes, I figured half the time I would be bundled up in coats anyway, and no one can see the inside. Practically everything is monochrome too to make it easier to mix and match, hardly any prints! My pics will be sooooo boring!

I don't have high hopes for the weather, it's averaging 4-16 degrees celcius, which is cold in my book, am going to freeze. This also means gloomy pictures if there is no sun. I do hope I still get to see some tulips at Keukenhof, it's a bit late in the season for them but there will be other flowers and we will be visiting Floriade too, the world's biggest horticultural fair that rolls around once every 10 years.

Have painted my nails in OPI's "Kiss Me On My Tulips" for a Dutch theme! Psyched!

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