May 31, 2012

Fight fight!

What a dramatic day! Witnessed a fight on my 196 bus this morning and the police were involved.

All started at the SGH bus-stop, after I had just got on at Kampong Bahru. 2 men, a Chinese and a Malay got into a bit of a scuffle as they tried to board at the same time, one accusing the other of pushing him when suddenly the Malay man pushed the Chinese guy out of the bus, causing him to land on his back at the bus stop and break his glasses.

I helped pick a lens up and the Chinese guy continued to board all the time exchanging words with the Malay man but by the time we approached the next bus stop, they had already started punching each other and someone requested to call the police, so I did.

I was trying to stay calm when I called the police, was worried I would get caught in the exchange or that when the aggressor realised help was being called, he would get more violent.

In the midst of the confusion, the Malay man disembarked and hopped onto another bus, but not before a commuter had snapped a picture of him. All the bus passengers had to alight since it was a police case, the cops got there in a few minutes…we were just opposite the police complex.

The incident made me later than usual for work but I had a valid excuse.

Went out for lunch with Sarah and another colleague Aaron. Sarah had mentioned wanting to try bak kut teh, so I took them to the Outram Park Ya Hua Rou Gu Cha. I live so near, but it was actually my first time eating there, Nick had only tapaued once before when they first shifted to the PSA Tanjong Pagar Complex.

The soup is how I like it, peppery but it isn’t as peppery as Founder’s I think. They have the option to have lean meat in the soup instead of ribs, so Aaron had that since he is not proficient with chopsticks.

I had the regular ribs and we shared some veggies, kiam chye and peanuts. As an alternative to rice, they also had mee sua so I ordered that, but I think bak kut teh has to be eaten with rice. It was nice, but not filling enough!

We walked one round to see what other stalls there were, I had no idea there were so many coffeeshops in this place! At least 6-7 and some promising-looking stalls, I have to go back and try the 2 prawn mee ones I spotted.

We stumbled onto what looked like a tourist trap shop selling chocolates. It was in one ulu corner but very crowded with Indian and Chinese tourists snapping up overpriced snacks and a brand of chocolate I had never heard of.

I suspect it’s a tourist trap because really, there was a tin of wafers I’ve seen at NTUC retailing for $2, but here it was on ‘offer’ at $6.

Later in the evening, after the kids slept surprisingly on time, Nick and I headed out to Quarubar at Frankel to meet the rest of the gang. Nice chilled out place with live music. The original plan was to go Mambo tonight to ring in Kavi’s birthday but she had to work so we celebrated without her!

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