May 28, 2012

Going Gaga

Today was the much anticipated Lady Gaga concert at the Indoor Stadium, the first of 3 shows. We had bought our tickets during the Amex pre-sale months ago and I had ample time to familiarise myself with her songs, but I didn’t!

Can’t say I’m a big fan of her music, was there more for the entertainment value, I knew it was bound to be quite a spectacle and she didn’t disappoint.

Met Rena after work and we took the train down and joined the queue to enter with Swana and Kevin, followed by Banu shortly after. The organisers had issued wrist bands with serial numbers for those in the free-standing area but they proved to be pointless as no one really checked them or followed the sequence.

When we entered the arena, we stood about 6 people deep from the front of the barricade for our section, so it wasn’t really that bad a view until people started jumping or waving their arms.

There was a DJ spinning really nice music to warm up the crowd and Lady Gaga herself hit the stage about 8.30pm. There was a bit of an alien storyline to tie the show together and she made her entrance on a horse dressed like an alien.

A huge Gothic castle formed the backdrop for her elaborate set pieces, she changed outfits practically every one or two songs and was accompanied by a posse of dancers, I felt like I was watching an MTV Music Awards show because not many performers come here with such a big entourage or stage set, except for Michael Jackson in the past.

She had a modified meat dress, an origami crane dress, a white paper doily dress, the alien outfit, some S&M bondage outfit, a Stormtrooper type dress and she sang all her hits from Just Dance, to Paparazzi, You and I, Alejandro, Bad Romance, Marry the Night, Telephone etc.

The crowd went wild whenever she mentioned Singapore, she was quite chatty throughout the show and talked about being bullied as a teen and encouraged everyone to be themselves because they were ‘Born This Way’.

I think I can’t do standing concerts anymore, my feet were killing me by the end of the night and I didn’t really get into the swing of things because of the blocked view from the tall heads around me and the distance from stage. But there’s another standing concert on the horizon, Jason Mraz on 29 June!

As we exited the show, Germaine finally located us…she had a moustache on, siao char boh!

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