May 5, 2012

H is for...

...Ha ha ha!

After Joshua's party, Germaine dropped me off at Mountbatten as I had a H date with Nick at the Indoor Stadium.

Part of his birthday present this year was tickets to Russell Peters' sell out stand-up comic show and I thought, why not H for 'Ha ha ha'? It was a hilarious evening, starting with an opening act by someone called Joey Medina and as for Russell himself, most of the material was new or rather he would pick on people in the audience and create jokes around them which took a lot of time on its own.

There wasn't as many Indian jokes as I was expecting but the majority of the audience was made up of Indians! There was a lot of cursing, F words and sexual references and I think there was an age limit for 18 and above. However, there was a 15 year old boy in the audience who got picked on and teased a lot, mainly over puberty issues...poor Rohit!

He mimicked a lot of different ethnicities from Thais to Middle Easterners to Aussies, poked fun at himself and his family and had the audience in stitches from start to finish. The show was almost 2hrs and there was no encore and strictly no photography or recording. He did have a DJ on stage who spun before and after the show, nice tunes...felt like bopping as we exited the stadium.