May 20, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Yawn, I’m so tired…still trying to adjust to Singapore time. We arrived super early yesterday morning and instead of going to Membina immediately, I chose to snooze. What was supposed to be 2-hour nap turned into a 4-hour one, so Nick left me at home and went to see the girls first.

They didn’t seem overly excited to see us but I think the absence made Sasha fonder of me…she’s not resisting my hugs and kisses and doesn’t protest when I put her to sleep.

Had a belated Mother’s Day lunch for Mummy at Bali Thai in Novena Square…very empty but the food was not bad. Loved the tom yam.

Went to AMK in the evening, Mildred is very concerned about Nat’s peeing habits. The munchkin developed a UTI while we were away and is currently on antibiotics. She was going every 15mins from Tuesday night onwards, and on Friday Ma brought her to the doc.

The frequency has reduced to 30min intervals but there’s no noticeable improvement so we might have to go back for a second opinion after the antibiotics finish. Poor girl’s been on 2 courses of antibiotics already in a short space of time. I hope it’s nothing serious.

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