May 27, 2012

Nangka Busuk

Oh my poor Sasha-bao, she had a major fall today and thank goodness she seems fine thus far.

We were having lunch in town with Mildred after attending mass together. There was a good deal on at Sante Fe, selected mains were at 50% off and I had me some ribs and mashed potato, and quesadillas.

After lunch, while Nick had brought Nat to pee, Mildred said she wanted to bring Sasha into OG. She started carrying her and I told her not to, and to let her walk. But she insisted it was for a short while, and next thing I knew, both of them went tumbling down as Mildred missed a step.

Sasha was sort of thrown onto the floor, landing on her right side and her head would have hit the ground. Mildred’s knees gave way and she landed on top of Sasha, on her bad knees. Sasha was screaming her head off but I was more concerned about Mildred, falling at her age is worse.

It took a while to pacify Sasha, she was really shocked by the whole thing but so far so good, no signs of concussion.

Incidentally, I spotted this sign at a traffic light in Bugis this morning…I know that LTA frowned upon it, viewing it as vandalism, but it’s funny no?

In the evening, we ventured to Chai Chee where we had an impromptu bubba gathering. Nat was a bit reluctant to go, methinks she’s embarrassed by her condition but she forgot all about it as soon as she saw her cousins.

John was there, and even Vim and Ajen made it. Nice lazy Sunday evening…

Yesterday was another lazy day. Brought all 3 kids to Ikea where they each were pushed around on a trolley. Bought a princess/mosquito net for Nat, she claims she will sleep in her own bed once I install it. Ya right!

I sat through the girls’ Chinese class, Gigi refused to let me out of her sight for some reason. The rest of the day was spent at Membina.

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