May 26, 2012

PE Time!

It was the last day of school today, or rather yesterday and the kids didn’t have any lessons. Instead there was a charity fair at school and a demonstration of the their weekly PE lessons conducted by external trainers.

I took the morning off to accompany Nat and got to see her little friends. She and Gigi are very tight with girls named Christabella and Charlene!

I bought some books and we spent 45 mins observing their PE lesson where they jumped, hopped, balanced balls and tried to score goals. Nat is so kuniang and after a while, she and Gigi were more interested in chatting with their friends than enhancing their motor skills.

Nat’s peeing hasn’t improved, in fact it regressed so we went to KK yesterday. Had a long, thorough consultation with a very nice Dr Loh, and after taking some urine samples etc, it was found that there was no more bacteria in Nat.

The problem could now be psychological or stress-related, or pain-related as she had some redness on her skin. Or perhaps her muscles got weakened and we now have to make her practice controlling.

Swana had her D&D today and Nick had a NATAS dinner so I was left with all 3 kids this evening. Managed to put them all to bed one by one, Gigi was wondering where her parents were but sleep eventually prevailed. After that I was bored and dying to get out on a Friday night, so as soon as Swana was done (she won a camera in her lucky draw!), she picked me up and we headed to Sentosa’s Skyloft.

Very nice place, though very dead for a Friday. Drinks were decent and reasonably priced, the band was The Unexpected so Swana’s friend Colin was around.

There was a lovely view of the sea, I can imagine it being very nice during sunset…might go back to try the food. Jack and Rai perform there on Thursdays so maybe a night out with the boy.

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