May 5, 2012

Row, row, row your boat

Nat has been cooped up at home the whole week and was dying to get out so after breakfast I suggested going by the Promontory to show the girls dragon boating. There was a competition going on, the DBS Regatta and my boss was taking part. I did manage to spot my boss Phil in the crowd but we didn’t get to see his team race.

Sasha had a low fever but we dragged her out anyway, on hindsight maybe we shouldn’t have because it was pretty humid out there. The plan was just to look-see for 30 mins then head home for their lunch but Nat didn’t want to leave once she saw a couple of races and wanted to hang at MBS.

We ended up going to Marina Square for lunch and headed home right after. Sasha’s temperature didn’t subside and Nat still had a lot of phlegm so I decided to let them rest at home while I went to Joshua’s birthday party alone.

Rena had a small gathering by the poolside of her temporary home in Thomson and Jo, Ray and Germaine were there, unfortunately Jane couldn’t make it. Ray couldn’t resist the water and eventually went in with his diapers which got super soaked.

Joanne and I got wet too when Germaine went after us with a water gun, after we had instigated the kids to shoot her! So childish!

Cake was from Jins’ Cakes, the flavour was red velvet. Rena’s mum cooked most of the food, and the bubor cha cha was pretty good. I swiped the box of deep fried beancurd skin which was the garnish for the vegetarian bee hoon, could eat it like crackers!

Happy birthday in advance Joshua!