May 1, 2012

Sasha at 25 months

Sasha is 25 months this Labour Day but I keep forgetting she just turned two because her grasp of our language never fails to amaze me. She’ll say things like ‘I want my sister to read to me’ and finally understands the difference between ‘I’, ‘me’, ‘you’.

She’s more than 12kg and has big feet! Only a couple of sizes smaller than Nat, she’s wearing Gigi’s 3 year old shoes. She’s a bit klutzy, still doesn’t watch where she’s going and is always falling or hitting her head.

With Wendy away this past month, I took a number of half days off work and got to spend quality time with the girls for about 3 weeks, when I wasn’t constantly picking up after them! I’ll miss being able to send Nat up her school bus…

But now that Wendy is back, I’ve been relegated to No.3 in their ranks with Nick and Wendy ahead. They were reunited this morning and Sasha didn’t forget her, at times she told us she wanted to go Philippines when Wendy was still away!

But at least we achieved some milestones during Wendy’s absence. Lita got the ball rolling by denying Sasha her pacifier for the afternoon naps and after a week I attempted to wean her off it at night too.

The process took about 3 weeks but I’m happy to report Sasha is pacifier-free! She’ll ask for it once in a while, the original excuse was that the bird took it, just like in Gigi’s case. But after a while, I changed it to the dragon and the phoenix took it to the moon, we have a storybook featuring those characters.

She got her first salon haircut and she poops independently now, she used to want to be carried or held when she pushed but now she just stands and goes. So I think we’re ready to start with the potty training, she’s peed a couple of times on her own but we’re not being regular with it.

She does the funniest poses when she knows her picture is being taken, kind of kungfu-like. She’s a ham but she also like to scream down the house when she’s denied something she wants or doesn’t get her way. Need to start disciplining her, I’ll admit I’m softer on her than I was with Nat.

She loves to sing ‘Sing a Song of Sixpence’, especially when she’s sleepy-hyper, she can go on and on with the same song or she’ll chatter incessantly before closing her eyes. Her favourite songs for bedtime are ‘Sing’, ‘Rainbow Connection’ and ‘Let Me Take You to Rio’.

She’s ever ready to go out, whenever someone is leaving or we’re getting ready to go out, she’ll run and get her shoes and insist on putting them on herself. She’s stubborn and fiercely independent, always refusing help even when she put her shoes on wrongly or she can’t insert a strap.

Same goes when she tries to dress herself, she won’t accept any help when pulling on pants or shorts and insist on doing it herself, often resulting in 2 legs in one opening or her leggings getting stuck under her bum because she doesn’t know how to pull them over her diapers!

She loves to dance, especially to catchy Zee TV trailer music, jiggling when she hears some Bollywood beats.

She knows how to suck up, she calls Kevin ‘Godpa’ sometimes and when she wants something from him, it’s ‘Please Godpa’, not ‘Please Uncle Kevin’! A few weeks ago I had asked her if she loved her Mummy and Daddy and she said, ‘I love my Godpa Gruffalo!’ Cheeky!

The other milestone that occurred this month is in relation to Nat. She’s now fully potty trained and by that I mean she’s off diapers at night. It happened quite by accident actually, Nick forgot to put diapers for her on his birthday evening and she stayed dry till morning, waking up to pee when she needed, somehow she was aware she slept without diapers.

So ever since then, she’s been diaperless at night, I think she’s been ready for a while, but we were just too lazy to deal with any potential mess. She’s had a couple of leaks from not making it to the loo in time but not full bedwetting so I am very proud of her. Next to get her off the bottle and sleep in her own bed!

Poor bub is sick at the moment, she started coughing over the weekend and yesterday it got worse so we went to KK. Doctor recommended a chest x-ray because her lungs were not clear and she was diagnosed with a chest infection, her second in 8months plus and she’s on a course of antibiotics now. No school for her all this week. Poor munchkin.