May 4, 2012

Tea with Saj

Saj and Mac will be walking down the aisle in just over the month and some of us took the bride-to-be out for tea as an early hen’s gathering at House’s Vintage Tea Party.

It’s one of the prettiest teas around I think, lots of little cakes and pastries which taste as good as they look, and on the savoury side a free flow of mini skinny pizzas. It was just me, Swana, Flea and Vim along with Saj who unfortunately was late so we started pigging out without her!

I attacked the skinny pizzas first, some of them were a bit limp from being out too long, but at least I could try flavours I don’t usually order. The spinach one was actually quite nice.

I allowed myself one plate of dessert, and I piled it on! They had a lovely crème brulee that was served in egg cups, those fly off the shelves the moment they are brought out…had to keep an eye peeled for replenishment!

Eventually Saj arrived but I was so full by then I could only watch her eat. We adjourned to Hacienda for a drink and to pass her little gifts. I ordered a blackberry lychee mojito and I forgot to eat the luscious lychees…duh!

My gift was an emergency kit I bought online, filled with little knick knacks that might come in handy on the wedding day. Flea gave her a kinky game, Swana some undies and Vim some chocolate, candles and a goblet.

I have my own packed emergency kit which I carry around in large enough bags, I squeezed over 30 items in it from plasters, to sewing kits, medicines, sweets, makeup and even ketchup! Everyone should have one!

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