May 31, 2012

Team lunch at Level 33

Had lunch at Level 33 today, thanks to my boss who sponsored a team lunch since Sarah was in town. We were joined by Cris from Inside Sales.

We didn’t have a reservation but luckily they were able to clear a table for us. We all had the set lunch, at $33++ it offers good value with a Ploughmans table for the appetizers and desserts. There was a decent spread of pasta salads, leafy salads, chilled meats, cheeses and chilled seafood and a few cakes and fresh fruit.

I was so full from my appetisers already but managed to almost finish the Burger and Chips I ordered. It was a waygu patty, a very thick one at that served with truffle aioli, cheddar, bacon and egg.

Sounded promising but I was a little disappointed as the egg was a tiny quail’s one, the bacon was half a slice and the aioli only on the top bun and a small amount at that. The fries were fat though!

This morning I woke up horrified to find my beloved DVF Lune dress on the galah…Wendy had washed it in the machine…horrors!

Can’t blame her though, it was Nick who had put it in the laundry basket though it’s supposed to be dry-cleaned, the twit. The first time I wore it, I actually went to Level 33. The boy feels contrite and has offered to buy a new dress…rest assured I will ketuk!


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