June 7, 2012

1-2-3-4 Hi 5!

It’s been a pretty quiet week thus far. On Monday I was on half day leave to bring the kids for their respective pneumococcal jabs at SGH, plus a 4-year developmental check for Nat which had been postponed several times.

Her vision is ok, not perfect 6/6 vision but the nurse graded her 6/7.5 so close enough. I didn’t warn her about the jab and she gave me a pained look when the nurse poked her before bursting into tears. She milked her ‘injury’ for the rest of the day, pretending to limp and asking to be carried all the time…real drama queen this one!

Sasha also struggled the moment she felt the needle and cried a lot louder than Nat but she was back to normal within a couple of minutes. Sorry my darlings!

On Tuesday night, I watched ‘The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel’ with Ma and Aunty Sarda at Lido. It was funny and heartwarming, not as funny as I was expecting but there were some memorable lines, like, “Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end!”

Yesterday, I met the boy for an impromptu lunch at Berg’s Gourmet Burgers at Far East Square. Been meaning for him to try it and he thought it was ok only, serves him right to order one with blue cheese, he felt it overpowered the burger. I had a small Miss Piggy, wasn’t as good as I remembered but still loads better than the one I had at Level 33 last week which left me wanting.

I just got back from an extended lunch, popping by United Square to surprise the kids who were there to catch Hi-5. I was told they shook hands with Casey and Lauren who walked past them when they were eating in the food court, but they were too shy and stunned to do more than reciprocate.

The 3 of them danced and sang along, I think Lita and Wendy were more excited to see the cast than the kids!

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