June 3, 2012

The Bachelorette

Second late night in a row for me, got home after 3 this morning. All for a good cause, it was Melissa’s hen night!

Swana and I were the first to arrive at Rachel’s house where the plan was to have some pre-dinner drinks and games. The hostess with the mostest had a banner hanging outside her door and on her big lamp too.

There was a platter of cheese, crackers and strawberries as well as vodka grapefruit juice cocktails she prepared, that were more vodka than juice! We each had badges to pin onto our outfits, as well as naughty wrist bands.

The dress code was black/navy with the bride to be in white/pink. Didn’t wait too long before the rest arrived, namely Yvonne, Monica, Merianne, Melissa and Melinda.

We kicked off with a number guessing game, where the winner could sabo someone to drink a shot of tequila. We all had our respective turns, I got away with just one shot and we were nice to Melissa, she wasn’t the target every round.

Next she opened all her naughty gifts, hope she and Derong have fun with them!

Most of us were a little buzzed by the time we left, I had already had one vodka grapefruit, one sparkling wine and one shot. Our next stop was Jumbo at Riverwalk Galleria where we had a private room to pig out on crabs.

Melissa’s cousin Jennifer met us there, and we ordered chilli crab, pepper crab, venison, peking duck, mee goreng, kai lan, baby squid and salted egg yolk prawn. Mmmm….

We had some wine with our food too, but I limited myself to 1 glass of moscato. We were so stuffed by the end of the meal, and the heavy dinner killed whatever happy high state we were in so it was on to the next place.

We walked to Attica and got in just before 11pm, one of the bouncers was kind enough to give us 20 drink coupons, plus we ordered 2 jugs of Long Island Tea.

Melissa had bar challenges to complete and collect a family of cards from the ones Rachel gave out but unfortunately, the crowd was a little young that night and there didn’t look like many sporting people she could approach to help her in her challenges. She did collect a condom and tie a cherry stem with her tongue though.

The music wasn’t fantastic so within an hour, we were out the door. Pump Room was too crowded and Arena had a young crowd too so we ended up at IndoChine.

It was very empty but the music was not bad and we managed to get a big table near the dance floor. There was a complimentary round of vodka cranberry, thanks to Mel’s connections and we ordered a bottle of gin that was hardly touched because Monica and Yvonne ordered more jugs of Long Island.

In the end, we gave up on trying to complete the challenges and just spent the rest of the evening taking turns to dance.

But before we left, we couldn’t let the garter sitting on Melissa’s thigh go to waste so as soon as the DJ ended his set, we invited him to remove it from her leg, sans hands and he was a good sport about it.

I hope the bride-to-be had fun, I don’t know how many hen parties I’ll get to attend in future, most of the close girl friends and relatives are all married unless someone remarries. LOL!

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