June 12, 2012

Blanco Court Fish Soup???

I'm not a big fan of fish in soups and make the exception only for the Blanco Court fried fish soup. There've been many stall claiming to be the original but I don't remember ever trying the original so I really can't compare.

I used to like the one at Raffles Hospital's halal foodcourt before they moved out, am not sure if they were affiliated with the original but at one point it was my favourite fish soup. The soup was clear with generous chunks of fresh fish and lettuce was used as the main vegetable. The icing on the cake was the fried egg.

Before they renovated the Far East Square multi-storey food court, I would get my fix of an identical fish soup there. They claimed to be the original Blanco Court fish soup and judging by the long queues, I took their word for it. After the renovation, they moved to Tanjong Pagar MRT but the outlet is run by PRCs and the standard seems to have dropped a lot.

Anyway, Joanne has been raving about a fish soup stall near her office that claims to be from Blanco Court and so I was all psyched to try it with her today. Nickypoo joined us too.

Located at the corner of Beach Road and Aliwal Street in a run-down coffee shop named Luk Lu Eating House, the stall is non-nondescript. Had to queue about 20 mins to get our order. Ee mee with slice fish and milky soup for Joanne, and chor bee hoon with fried fish for me, sans milk but with extra egg.

The moment I received the bowls I knew it was not the fish soup I was craving. Though my soup was supposed to be non-milk, it still had a cloudy appearance therefore different from the 'Blanco Court' fish soup I was used too. And the veg used was spinach and they had ikan bilis garnishing.

Still it was a decent bowl of noodles, but I found the fried fish bits rather small and not that many pieces were provided. Joanne's soup with milk tasted a lot better, maybe they added XO?

I would eat there again, but next time with milk.

After lunch, we walked down Haji Lane, stopping for frozen yogurt at Tutti Frutti. Their concept is self-service and they charge by weight. I had an apple sorbet and the boy had chocolate.

Haji Lane is interesting enough at night, but during the day you can really see how many cool shops they have, a mixture of bohemian, avant garde, vintage etc. Looks like a lunchtime exploration with Joanne is on the cards.

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