June 28, 2012

Evil Rena!

No lah, I don't really mean that. Or maybe I do, because she made me part with a large amount of money!

We met for lunch today and to check out the Reebonz GSS sale...their showroom is conveniently located in Raffles Place.

Wasn't planning on buying anything especially since I know they probably get their goods from the factory outlets and mark up 2 or 3 times. Like a Prada bag I would have bought for less than $550 would sell around 1.2 - 1.5K in their flash sales online.

Anyway, we browsed around and after a while my hands were full with a Fendi denim bag, a brown Tods rounded tote and a red YSL Muse that seemed like a bargain at 2.5K less 30%.

I was leaning towards the Fendi which would have cost around $750 when I spotted a small Mulberry Bayswater in the colour I had been eyeing in Amsterdam, hot fuschia. I asked the group of ladies standing in front of it whether it belonged to any of them and when they said no, I grabbed it and didn't let go!

I can't remember how much it was in Holland, something like 790 euros I think. This one was $1690 less 30% plus another 5% for Mastercard and I had a $100 Reebonz voucher for RSVPing. So the total damage was $1050. Ouch! But still cheaper than the original selling price of GBP 695 I think so I don't feel so bad.

Hopefully I can get the boy to offset some of the cost since he owes me a dress and birthday present, which should defray 70%. Forget the dress, I'd rather have this bag! Heh heh.

Germaine, Joanne and Rayhan popped by this evening, self-inviting themselves. I was at the hospital when Germaine arrived, Sasha screamed the house down apparently. I don’t know why she’s still scared of Germs and eyed her with suspicion the whole evening, making sure she didn’t come near her.

Germaine made herself very comfortable as you can tell!

While the adults ate and chatted over wine, the kids coloured and drew. Ray seemed to be under the weather still, his voice was husky and Nick wasn’t quite convinced he was 100% healthy.

There was one point when Ray and Sasha were playing in the room when Joanne made Ray go and hug Nat good night. Sasha stood up behind Ray immediately and stretched out her arms and said, “Hug me!” to his back…classic moment!

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