June 17, 2012

Father's Day 2012

The kids ambushed Nick this morning while he was brushing his teeth to pass him his Father’s Day card and present. Unlike him, I was at least prepared with something they could give him…what did I get? Nada! Hmpf, still bitter…heh heh.

Kevin and him would have received identical Lacoste polos because Swana and I bought them together. I made Nat write on his card, her handwriting is super big!

Sasha fell from Nat’s bed last night, I didn’t hear anything except her crying at 1.45am, so I went into the room to pacify her but couldn’t find her on the bed, and nearly stepped on her on the floor!

Nick heard the thud. Surprisingly she didn’t fuss, she stopped crying as soon as I picked her up. I hope she didn’t suffer a concussion, she’s a tough cookie and thank goodness the height of the bed is low.

Went for mass before heading to SGH to check on Aunty Sarda. The steroid medications worked wonders, she’s much improved although it’s not a long term solution.

Her mobility was better and she wasn’t slurring and her mind was relatively sharp. Still she loses her train of thought easily but if she maintains this level of alertness, that’s good enough for me already.

She’s not the only one in hospital. Mr Saha, Pop’s friend from Nepal came down 2 months ago seeking treatment for his liver/stomach/kidneys and has been living at 110 with his wife Anjana when he’s not warded.

That’s the reason why Ma has been at my house the last couple of months, and why Aunty Sarda’s been back at Spottiswoode, she’s been helping host them.

He had made a recovery somewhat and had been discharged and was all set to go home only to pick up a secondary infection and he’s now back in ICU and given 48hrs to live. I saw him last week when I went to look for my sari blouse, little did I know I would probably not see him alive again. Poor guy.

He was actually one of the former Nepalese king’s trusted advisers and ex-president of the Nepalese Olympic Council. This weekend has been eventful, to say the least.

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