June 8, 2012

J is for...

…JPot and Jack & Rai!

I never knew Jumbo had a steamboat restaurant of its own till I was surfing the net looking for inspiration for J’s date. I had actually decided on Japanese charcoal grill at Shin Kushiya but stumbled on JPot and left it to the boy to decide…and he of course chose the steamboat!

Located at in a corner at Vivocity, the restaurant has been there for 3 years and for some strange reason we didn’t know of its existence. Anyway, part of the draw was that they offered 7 soup bases in individual bowls so everyone doesn’t have to have the same soup.

We ordered the $78++ set for 2 which came with a small selection of seafood, 2 meats, veggies with mushroom, rice and some tau kee rolls. I added an order of beancurd with spinach skin and we had a drink each which brought the total bill to about $100. Next time will try ala carte.

I opted for the Superior stock which was essentially chicken broth. He went with laksa. They also have bak kut teh, tomyam, fish head stock etc.

Service was fast and efficient, there was a counter with an assortment of sauces and condiments to customise your own dips.

By the end of the meal we were so full though I wouldn’t say there was a lot of food. I guess it was just nice. We walked off the meal at Gap and a few other shops. I bought some kids clothes on sale, now the girls have matching DVF for Gap tees and we can wear together.

For part 2 of the date, we drove over to Sentosa. The plan was to have a drink and catch a set or two by Jack and Rai at Sky Loft. I love their lychee mojitos, and the duo were good as usual though I think their talent is being wasted as the place is pretty quiet. But it was actually slightly more crowded than the Friday Swana and I were there.

Swana and Kevin did join us midway after the kids slept - we chucked them at Membina overnight. And John also made an appearance, he and Kevin had never been either and John loved it! I think another session is on the cards with the gang in tow.

At the end of the band’s set, Nick went up to say hi to Jack and Rai, his former Contiki ambassadors. They sat and chatted with us for a while, they know John from Timbre too and recognised the hat when he strolled in. He’s notorious!

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