June 30, 2012

Jason Mraz at The Meadow

Yesterday evening, I had the Jason Mraz concert to attend. Swana was supposed to pick me up after work but there was a miscommunication and she bailed in the end. So I proceeded to take bus 97 from my office to MBS, normally a 5 min ride and the bus is frequent.

However, I lost my building pass just before I left work and the search for it made me miss one bus just as I was crossing the road. I thought the next bus would come along soon enough but after 30 mins, it was nowhere in sight.

When it did appear however, it was packed to the brim and nobody could board. Had to wait another 20 mins for the next bus which was also packed and when I reached MBS, I was not a happy camper.

The view as I walked from MBS to Gardens by the Bay perked me up slightly and I snapped some pictures along the way. Swana informed me a glass of Moscato was awaiting me at Verandah Café where she, Kavi and John were having a bite.

Being new to the Gardens, we didn’t know our bearings. She told me to come to the set of 3 Supertrees near the glass domes and I walked towards the trio I saw only to find out there’s another set near the entrance. So it was really not my day and I had to forego the moscato because we were running late!

We entered The Meadow where the concert was being held just as Jason kicked off promptly at 8pm. Took us a couple of songs to find a good spot to sit, we just wanted to chill instead of standing for 2 hours.

The first half I didn’t recognise any songs, but it picked up in the second half with Frank D Fixer, Mr Curiosity, You and I, The Remedy and of course Lucky which he sang with Corrine May and I’m Yours. For his encore he did 93 Million Miles and I Won’t Give Up, which made me teary...I think all married couples should listen to it!

He’s such a talented and witty songwriter, if you read his lyrics. Had a great time and so did the other 15,000 strong crowd.

Explored the gardens a little bit, the Supertree Grove was quite magical, makes one feel tiny. Need to come back one day and take some nicer pictures!

We ended up walking to MBS in search of drinks and food after giving up trying to get a cab. Swana got distracted by the Mulberry boutique while Kavi went to the ATM, they were still open at 11.30pm!

They didn’t have my fuchsia small Bayswater but according to the salesman, it was retailing for $1690 and was sold out long ago, so it wouldn’t have been available on sale. I feel better now! Swana impulsively bought yet another bag! A patent leather cream sling.

We ended up at HY California for some drinks and snacks, nice place to chill and enjoy the view although the LV Maison blocks the skyline. The calamari was crispy and their salsa is very refreshing.

Had to walk really far to get a cab home, we walked from MBS to NTUC Building...the queue outside the casino was ridiculous, more than 100m long I reckon!

Earlier in the day, Nat had a major meltdown just before the school bus was due to pick her up. She refused to go to school and when Ma called me at work, I could hear her screaming her head off in the background.

She didn’t state why, just kept repeating ‘I don’t want to go to school’. She then said she didn’t want to attend PE and Ma kept trying to reassure her that she could sit out PE if she didn’t want to join in and that I would inform her teacher of it. But it was futile.

When pressed for other reasons, she claimed someone in class had called her naughty, her friend Jordan. Knowing how sensitive Nat is, that was probably the main reason why she didn’t want to go.

In the end, I rushed down during lunch to persuade her to attend, I wasn’t going to make it a habit for her to skip school whenever she was upset about something. She wore her home clothes and I promised she could have a few minutes at the playground before heading to class.

She was really happy at the playground and then when we found the class in the activity room going through their PE lesson, she refused to enter. After a while she warmed up, and joined in bouncing some balls. Gigi was trying to sayang her, she also looked like she was going to cry because Nat was crying.

I asked the teacher Mrs Koh if anything had happened of late, and she said no. We both think it’s a case of not re-adjusting to their old routine after school holidays. Anyway, I agreed with the teacher it was best for me to just leave and let her deal with the aftermath, so I snuck off when Nat was distracted. She probably hates me for that!

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