June 15, 2012

K is for...

...Korean Barbecue.

The boy has been hankering for a barbecue, well, he’s been craving Seoul Garden for 3 years at least so I offered to make Korean Barbecue our K date.

But I was hesitant to go Seoul Garden after the last experience there in 2009, and hoped to go somewhere more authentic instead but the places I checked out either were full, didn’t take reservations and we weren’t willing to queue indefinitely, or they didn’t have a buffet.

I didn’t want to spend too much on ala carte so in the end we landed up at Seoul Garden in Taka anyway after I gave up! He was happy enough till he paid, it’s been really long since he’d been and was under the impression it cost $12 per person. Probably 15 years ago…twit!

But it was a good dinner, I had fun grilling all the meats we took, enjoyed the black pepper beef most. As well as dipping the sliced beef in my soup which I flavoured with corn and lotus root.

I think we tried less than 50% of the things on offer, didn’t want to overeat and the good thing about their buffet is that they offer free-flow drinks and a selection of desserts which I’m not sure other Korean restaurants do.

The restaurant is smaller than I remember, and it's been renovated recently so it wasn't the crowded, smoky mess I remembered from before.

After dinner we walked around a bit, he bought a shirt from Massimo Dutti but I was well-behaved in front of him…well, I already splurged during lunch at the Mango sale and also just before I met him!

Kids staying at Membina tonight so we went back there just in time to put Sasha to sleep before coming home. The plan is to go back to Membina later to catch the Euro games but sleep is beckoning…

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