June 16, 2012

L is for...

...Lor Mee.

Since the boy and I had the luxury of no kids in the house to tend do, we could go out for a leisurely breakfast followed by marketing.

This L place was on my list last year but we didn’t make it and lor mee is a breakfast dish which I feel is best eaten on the spot so I’ve been biding my time, waiting for the right moment.

According to the I Eat, I Shoot, I Post blog, this is one of the best lor mees in Singapore and it’s so near the house, located somewhere behind St Teresa’s in Bukit Purmei.

There was a short queue and in no time we were tucking in to this sticky, gooey delightful bowl of noodles. The $3 portion was very filling, I had trouble finishing. Mine was full of these crunchy deep fried batter bits, which retained their crunch despite being soaked in gravy.

The gravy was very very sticky and the noodles al dente. The boy is very stingy when it comes to praising food, but he declared it the best lor mee he’s ever had, so if he says good, then it means something!

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