June 9, 2012

The Macjini Church Wedding

Sajini and Mac finally tied the knot today at St Vincent de Paul Church. It was held in the afternoon, so we decided to leave Sasha and Wendy at Ben’s house nearby and take only Nat to church.

Loved Gigi’s hair, Lita had plaited it all round her head.

Nat was excited to see the ‘princess’, and she, Riley, Gigi and Sarah occupied their own bench. Soon enough the bride arrived and she was visibly crying before she walked down the aisle, escorted by her mum.

The mass was presided over by Fr Michael Sitaram, he was very funny with lots of half-baked Tamil phrases thrown in. He had some gifts for the newlyweds, they formed part of his homily and when it came to kissing the bride, he made Mac do it again on the lips when the first one on the cheek didn’t pass his standards!

The couple were also made to profess their love for each other in Tamil, guess the priest was just taking the mickey out of Mac, who doesn’t speak it, whereas Saj is fluent.

There was a tea reception in the canteen, quite a spread it was. More lunch than tea, food was not too bad. Nat nibbled away on a cupcake and Ananya attacked a tiramisu, getting chocolate powder all over her face.

We left earlier to go back to Ben’s place. Sasha had woken from her nap and the kids went to the playground for a bit. Then we all went over to Amah’s house to visit Mildred.

Remember she fell carrying Sasha a couple of weeks ago? Well, she fell again on the same knee after that and fractured it. Last week she had to have an xray and MRI done to determine the extent of the damage and now she’s got a cast on her whole leg and walking around on crutches. Poor mama!

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